"Leadership through Customisation in Blown Film Technology"


3 Layer Blown Film Lines (without IBC system)

null, a new standard in Blown film technology. Our Vegaflex(Advantage) three Layer Blown Film Line is a New Equation to bring Conversion Cost Down and Productivity Up. These Lines can be offered for Output range of 180 – 380 kg/hr without Internal Bubble Cooling System (IBC) and Lay-flat width up to 1900 mm without compromising the film quality.

Vegaflex(Advantage) Series – 3 Layers Blown Film Plants (without IBCs) are Suitable for producing -Adhesive Lamination Films / Heat & Pressure Lamination Films / Surface Printed / Collation Shrink Films / Stretch Cling Films / Industrial Liners, others applications.

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  • The lines are capable of processing wide range of polymers LLDPE/LDPE/HDPE/Metallocenes LLDPE/PP/Sealant Polymers/Additives/Masterbatches etc.
  • Industry best Output &cooling rates (kg/hr/mm of Die Dia.) characterizes the Vegaflex Advantage series which gives the best price to performance ratio.
  • These lines are available with output range of 180 kg/hr – 380 kg/hr and Film Width range (650 mm – 1900 mm).
  • The Extruders & Dies combination helps to optimize/reduce the raw material recipe costs by allowing processor to run layer ratios upto 1:4:1.
  • Helps Film Processors to produce films to achieve customers’ expectations in terms of Gauge control, Improved Yield, Optical and Mechanical Properties with lowest Conversion Cost.

Salient Features & Benefits

  • Cooling Rings    Industry best Cooling rates.
  • Bi-metallic Screw / Barrel   Longer Life
  • Closed Loop Vector Flux Motors and Drives  Improved Throughput Control
  • Plain Barrel with 30:1 L/D  Lower Operating Melt Temperatures, Improved Film properties
  • Die Design (180mm – 475mm)  Suitable to run Layer Ratios up to 1:4:1
  • Horizontal Oscillating Haul offs
  • Two Station Semi Automatic Surface Winders.
  • Controls