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Barrier Film Lines (5/7 layers blown film lines)

MEXBARRIER Lines are offered with Streamlined Co-Extrusion Dies for Five and Seven Layers.

These lines can be offered with integration of Line Automation, Ancillaries and Auxiliaries. We offer these lines for our customers in India, SAARC and African Continents.

At present more than 1200 MTM of Barrier film is produced on our lines on 7 Lines already installed across India.

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  • The Streamlined Co-Extrusion Die technology has the inherent advantage of running materials with different temperature side by side with temperature difference up to 40-50 deg cent, very fast flushing & very good gauge control for individual layer a critical factor to make you SUCCESSFUL in producing the Barrier film with much ease & economic sense.
  • Suitable for producing Films for packing Oil / Frozen Foods / Vacuum Forming / Greenhouse/ Others.
  • Barrier Film lines by Mamata, were successfully introduced in 2003 in India to produce Oil films for Indian markets.
  • Latest Seven Layer Barrier film line to M/s. Santoshi Barrier Films India Pvt Ltd , Nagpur, India was successfully commissioned with 7 Layer Streamlined Co-Extrusion Die.